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By Air

MALÉV Hungarian Airlines offers the only daily non-stop service from New York/JFK to Budapest. Non-stop service from New York/JFK to Budapest with the exception of Fridays. Non-stop service from Toronto to Budapest Tuesday year round with added frequency during summer season. In the winter season (till 30th of March) non-stop service from New York/JFK to Budapest three times a week.

MALÉV offices in North America: 

New York 
90 John Street, Suite #312 
New York, NY 10038 
Phone: (212) 566-9944
Fax: (212) 566-9950 
General Info E-mail:
Tour Information E-mail:

175 Bloor Street East 
Toronto, Ontario M4W 3R8 
Phone: (416) 944-0093 
Fax: (416) 944-0095 

MALÉV Hungarian Pass to Europe offers easier and more economical ways to see more of Europe using Budapest as one's point of departure.  With this pass, travelers can use a minimum of three flight coupons (starting at $300) for economy class round trip or open jaw travel within Europe on MALEV when their trans-Atlantic travel is on MALEV as well.  Adult off-peak fare (November 1-March 31) is $330, peak fare (May 20-October 31) $420.  Up to six additional coupons per passenger may be purchased at $90 (off-peak) or $110 (peak) each.

Other airlines serving Hungary 
Delta Airlines 
Northwest Airlines/KLM
Austrian Airlines 
Air France 
British Air 
(800) 241-4141 
(800) 447-4747 
(800) 645-3880 
(800) 950-5000 
(800) 843-0002  

(800) 221-4750  
(800) 237-2747  
(800) 247-9297  

Flight information in Budapest 
Departures  (36-1) 296-7000 
Arrivals       (36-1) 296-8000 
Information  (36-1) 296-9696 

MALÉV/DELTA flights to/from New York and Toronto depart from and arrive at Ferihegy 2/A Airport, Budapest. 

Transportation to/from the airport in Budapest 

Tickets can be purchased at the service desk located in the passenger halls of both terminals. The buses carry passengers to/from any requested address in Budapest. 
The current price of the service is 1,800 Ft one way, and the return ticket is 3,300 Ft per person.

A regular bus service operates between the airport terminals and Erzsébet tér bus terminal, located in the center of Budapest. They run every half-hour from 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 600Ft/person. Tickets on the bus.

Please refer to
Taxi information on this page. 

By Train

Budapest has 3 main train stations from which international and domestic trains depart; all of them are within 45 minutes from the airport.  Travel between the 3 stations is easily accessible through the metro system. 
There are direct rail links between Budapest and the major capitals and cities of Europe. Over 50 international trains arrive in and depart from Budapest daily.


The following passes must be purchased in North America, prior to departure. They cannot be purchased in Europe. 

Hungarian Flexipass 
Includes 5 days unlimited first-class train travel in a 15 day period or 10 days unlimited train travel in a one month period within Hungary. 

Provides unlimited first-class travel by train in Hungary and 16 other European countries. It can be purchased for 15 consecutive days, 21 consecutive days, 1, 2 or 3 months. 

Eurail Flexipass 
Allows intermittent travel on non-consecutive days in Hungary and 16 other European countries. Available for either 10 or 15 days in a two-month period. 

Eurail Saverpass 
With a discount for two or more people traveling together, this is ideal for couples or small groups. The Saverpass is valid for unlimited travel in first-class in Hungary and 16 other European countries. It can be purchased for 15 consecutive days, 21 consecutive days, or 1, 2 or 3 months. 

Eurail Saver Flexipass  
A flexible saverpass for 2-5 people traveling together on non-consecutive days in Hungary and 16 other European countries. It may be purchased for 10 or 15 days in a two-month period. 

Eurail Youthpass  
Entitles persons under 26 years of age to unlimited second-class travel in Hungary and 16 other European countries. It can be purchased for 15 consecutive days, 21 consecutive days, or 1, 2 or 3 months. 

Eurail Youth Flexipass 
For those under age 26 can be used on non-consecutive days in Hungary and 16 other European countries. It is available for 10 or 15 days in a two month period. 

Valid for first-class rail travel in five European countries (France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Spain) for 5,6,8,10 or 15 days within a two-month period.  Hungary and Austria may be added and are counted as one Associate country.  The other Associates are Greece, Portugal and the Belnelux countries; a maximum of two may be added to the five base countries.  The Europass also comes in a youth version for travelers under 26 years of age traveling in second class. 

Europass Saverpass 
Allows from two to five people traveling together to enjoy a discount of 15% each.  Like the Europass, it is valid for first-class trail travel in five European countries (France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Spain) for 5,6, 8, 10 or 15 days within a two-month period, and up to two Associate countries including. 

European East Pass 
Includes any 5 days unlimited first-class train travel in a 1 month period in Hungary, Austria,  Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. 

Information on train schedules 
and booking for all Eurail Passes 
and Point-to-Point tickets:


Reservations in U.S. 
Phone: (800) 4 EURAIL 
Fax: (800) 432 1 FAX 
Reservations in Canada  
Phone: (800) 361-7245 
Fax: (905) 602-4198 
Group Travel reservations 
Phone: (914) 682-7456 
Fax: (914) 682-3712 


Phone: (800) 782-2424 
Fax: (800) 282-7474 
Group Rail desk 
Phone: (888) 337-4227 
Fax: (888) 337-4241 

Thomas Cook European Timetable and Thomas Cook Railmap of Europe The only complete English language guide to all passenger train and ferry services throughout Europe. 
To place an order call: 
US (800) 367-7984 
CAN (800) 942-9050 


Domestic Train Services 
For domestic railway travel, intercity non-stop trains - besides other scheduled trains - ensure rapid and reliable connections between Budapest 
and the main cities of Hungary. Some of the most popular lines are (travel time given in hours):

Keleti (East) Station: 
Békéscsaba 2:40, Debrecen 2:30, Győr 1:25, 
Miskolc 1:55,
Sopron 2:25, Szolnok 1:30, Szombathely 2:45.
Nyugati (West) Station: 
Hajdúszoboszló 2:15, 
Kecskemét 1:15, 
Nyíregyháza 3:00,
 Szeged 2:10.
Déli (Southern) Station: 
Dombóvár 2:10, 
Kaposvár 2:25, 
Keszthely 2:35,
Pécs  2:30, Zalaegerszeg 3:15.
Train Schedule Information in Budapest
Phone: (36-1) 461-5500 
Website: E-mail:

Bike Transportation on the train  
All Intercity lines have at least one train each day which transports bicycles. The cost of this service is 25% of the fare. Groups of over five people are required to notify MÁV (Hungarian Railways) 7 days before traveling. 

Nostalgia Trains  
Nostalgia Train excursions to the Danube Bend and along the northern shore of Lake Balaton are available seasonally as follows: 
The Danube Bend train runs from May 6 - September 30, every Saturday:
Departure from Budapest Nyugati Station at 9:40am; Last stop at Szob at 11:48am 
Departure from Szob at 4:25pm; arrival Budapest 6:01pm. 

July 12 - August 20 Tuesday to Saturday
Departure from Keszthely
at 9:50am, last stop at Badacsonytomaj at 11:10am 
Departure from Badacsonytomaj at 3:50pm, arrival Keszthely 5:31pm. 

For further information and to confirm times contact:  
MÁV Nosztalgia Kft. 2000
1066 Budapest, Jókai u. 38.
Phone: (36-1) 302 3580

By Coach

Standard coach services are available to/from cities of more than 20 countries of Europe. There are two international bus terminals in Budapest. For scheduled service to countries of Western Europe depart from Erzsébet tér Bus Terminal; to the countries of Eastern Europe, depart from Népstadion út Bus Terminal. 

Provides the independent traveler with unlimited deluxe coach service for 30-60 days valid to 18 major European cities, including Budapest. Special rates for youth and senior citizens.

DERRAIL information and reservations
Phone: (800) 782-2424 
Fax: (800) 282-7474 

Motorcoach information in Budapest 
Phone: (36-1) 317-2562

Boat, Hydrofoil, Ferry Service

A hydrofoil service operates daily on the Danube between Budapest and Vienna, with a stop at Bratislava, from April to November. 

Apr 8-30 
Sept 4 - Oct 29
May 1 - Jul 28 Jul 29 - Sept 3
Budapest (Departure) 


08:00, 13:00
14:20, 19:20


08:00, 13:00
13:30, 18:30

A variety of boat excursions to the Danube Bend and Budapest sightseeing are also available from May to September.
For information and ticketing please contact 
InterTicket Hungary  
Phone: (781) 275-5724 
Fax:  (781) 271-0914 
When in Hungary please contact 
MAHART Tours International 
Phone: (36-1) 318-1743/1586 

Europe's largest fresh water lake - Lake Balaton - offers yachting, sailing, fishing, excursions and scheduled boat services. 

For information and timetables please contact MAHART Siófok (English speaking only from Apr. 3-Oct.24) 
Phone: (36-84) 310-050

Driving in Hungary

Many travelers like to go beyond the major cities and discover Hungary's hidden treasures in the countryside. Driving a car allows you to stop whenever and wherever you want. Distances within Hungary are relatively short. Even the furthest destinations can be reached within 4 hours from Budapest. 

The gasoline is considerably more expensive than in the U.S., where fuel prices and taxes are well below the world average. This is one reason why Europeans favor small cars and standard transmissions. Standard international highway signs are used throughout Hungary. 

Speed limits are marked in kilometers per hour (1 kilometer=0.62 miles). 
The highways in Hungary are generally narrower than in North America due to lower volume of traffic. Hungary has eight main routes, M1 thru M8. Minor roads are designated by more digits numbers, beginning with the number of the main road from which they start. Road maps are available upon request from the Hungarian National Tourist Office.

Budapest-Győr-Hegyeshalom- Vienna 
Budapest-Gyöngyös (Toll, 850Ft) 
Budapest-Kecskemét (Toll, 1530Ft) 
Budapest-Lake Balaton 
Budapest Ring connecting 
M1, M5 and M7

M1, M3 and M5 are toll roads. Only weekly and monthly passes are available. Weekly pass is 1,500 Ft, monthly pass is 2,600 Ft. Passes must be purchased in advance at gas stations.

Highway Practices  
  • The allowed blood alcohol level is 0.00%! 
  • Vehicles must use dimmed headlights - even during daylight hours - outside urban areas 
  • Buckle-up! Outside urban areas back seat passengers are also required to wear seat belts 
  • Children under 16 can not travel in the front passenger seat; infants and toddlers must be seated in the back, in a child car seat 
  • Flashing the headlights often means that the driver yields his right of way 
  • Bicyclists and motorcycle riders and passengers must wear helmets 
  • In the countryside, especially small villages, always look out for bicyclists and horse-drawn carts with no lights 
  • Passing on the right side is strictly prohibited 
  • The use of cellular phone while driving is not allowed
U.S. and Canadian driver's licenses are honored in Hungary only in conjunction with an International Driver's License, available at any AAA office. 

Distance from Budapest to some European capitals (distance in miles): 
Belgrade 250 Paris 905
Berlin 564 Prague 353
Bern 702 Rome 775
Bratislava 110 Vienna 155
Bucharest 515 Warsaw 435
Ljubljana 305 Zagreb 217

Public Transportation

Budapest has an excellent and affordable public transportation. Buses, trams, trolley buses and subways generally operate from 4:30 a.m to 
11:00 p.m. Tickets are purchased prior to boarding at tobacco shops, subway stations, hotels or street vendors. Passengers must validate their tickets in a ticket puncher and present them, upon request, to an inspector.  Please note, tickets are checked frequently on all lines. 

Passengers without a ticket or pass must immediately pay a fine to the inspector. A single ticket is not reusable and no transfers are allowed (a separate validated ticket is required when changing metro lines). Look for the validation on  buses, trains and trolleys; on metro look for the machine upon entering the metro the station. One-day, three-day, weekly and monthly passes are available at the ticket counters in Budapest. 
Ticket prices for public transportation in Budapest (HUF)
Single ticket
Metro transfer ticket
Block of 10 single tickets 
Block of 20 single tickets 
Tourist passes: 
One-day travelcard 
Budapest Card for two days 
Budapest Card for three days 
Three-day travelcard 
Season tickets for 7 days
One-day, three-day, weekly and monthly passes are available at the ticket counters in Budapest. More information at the BKV Rt. website


Fares vary. It is recommended that passengers call any of the following companies. When hailing a taxi on the street, ask what the fare will be to the destination before departure. There is a limit per kilometer on charges and always check to make sure there is a meter in the taxi.  For more information, you can request our Taxi brochure. 

Recommended Taxi companies in Budapest  
(36-1) 233-3333
(36-1) 211-1111
(36-1) 222-2222
(36-1) 377-7777
(36-1) 355-5555
(36-1) 266-6666 or 466-6666
TAXI 2000 
(36-1) 355-5000

For taxi reservation and limousine service contact: 

InterTicket Hungary 
Phone: (781) 275-5724 
Fax: (781) 271-0914 

Tradesco Tours 
Phone: (800) 833-3402 
Fax: (310) 649-5852 

Car Rental

It is highly recommended that you reserve cars in advance, before leaving the U.S. or Canada. This invariably saves a significant amount  of money. 
Packages which combine car rental with airfare, rail passes or hotel accommodations - or all three - are another way to save. 
Crossing borders with rental cars must be cleared with rental company when reservation is made. Most companies have restrictions on taking rental cars into bordering countries.
Phone: (36-1) 320-8287 
Fax: (36-1) 350-2541 

Auto Europe 
Phone: (800) 223-5555, 
          (207) 842-2000 
Fax: (800) 235-6321 
CRS Code: ZU 

Avis Rent a Car 
Phone: (800) 331-1084, 
          (918) 621-4815 
Fax: (36-1) 222-4671 
CRS Code: ZI
Phone in Budapest: (36-1) 296-6421 

Budget Rent a Car 
Phone: (800) 527-0700 
Fax: (708) 995-7799 
CRS Code: ZD 
Phone in Budapest: (36-1) 214-0420

Dollar Rent a Car Systems (Eurodollar)  
Phone: (800) 800-4000 
Fax: (954) 321-0345 
CRS Code: ZR 
Phone in Budapest: (36-1) 290-1990 
Europcar Inc. 
Phone: (877) 940-6900
(Toll free in the USA)
Phone (USA Office): (678) 461-9880
Phone (in Budapest): (36) 1 477-1090
Fax (USA): (678) 461-4696
CRS Code: EP
Europecar Interrent 
Phone: (800) 227-3876, 
          (612) 830-2121 
Fax: (612) 830-2566 
CRS Code: ZL 
Phone in Budapest: (36-1) 296-6680 
Phone: (800) 654-3001, 
          (201) 307-2000 
Fax: (201) 476-5378 
CRS Code: ZE 
Phone in Budapest: (36-1) 431-0999 
Phone: (800) 678 0678, 
          (914) 835-5555 
Fax: (914) 835-5555 
CRS Code: KG 
Phone in Budapest: (36-1) 214-0420 Internet: 
Rail Europe 
Phone: (800) 4 EURAIL, 
          (800) 361-RAIL (in Canada) 
Fax: (801) 432-1-FAX 

Also see Travel Mart.

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