1. I am a US/Canadian citizen. Do I need a visa?

Holders of valid U.S. and Canadian passports do not need a visa to enter Hungary but the passport should have at least 6 months left before it expires. Check out Facts on Hungary/Entering Hungary on this website.

2. What is the best way to get to our hotel from the airport? Is there a bus? How much is a taxi?

The Airport Mini Bus is the most economical way with a cost of 1,500HUF/one way. Their desk is located in the lobby of the airport. A taxi will be under $20. Make sure it is metered. Check out Getting Around on this website.

3. What airlines fly to Hungary?

MALEV Hungarian Airlines flies non-stop from New York and Toronto. Connections are available on many major European airlines.

4. Are the exchange booths open at the airport on Sunday? What is the Hungarian money called?

Yes, the booths are open. The unit of currency is called the Forint (HUF). Check Facts about Hungary on this website.

5. When are the holidays and is anything open then?

Check Facts about Hungary on this site. Most of the stores will be closed.

6. What kind of weather can we expect?

Hungary has a temperate climate. Check Facts about Hungary on this website.

7. What should I pack?

For winter, pack layers, for summer, light clothing and light jacket for evenings.

8. What is the rate of exchange?

Check out www2.travlang.com/money for current information.

9. What is the best way to get to Prague, Vienna?

We are doing the 3 cities, which should we do first? The quickest way is by air. You can go by train, Vienna is 3 hours and Prague is 9 hours. Also available to Vienna, from May to October, is a Danube hydrofoil service. Check Getting Around section on this website.

10. Is the hydrofoil worthwhile? Is it nice? How long does it take? How much does it cost? Do you have a schedule?

It is a very picturesque ride. Tickets, prices schedules available through a variety of sources; alphabetically, Interticket Hungary at www.interticket.com; N & S Connections at 800 999 0226 or Tradesco Tours at www.tradescotours.com or check Getting Around section on this website.

11. Are there English speaking tours?

Yes, check www.budapestinfo.hu/en or the What to Do section for more information.

12. What is the best hotel, best spa?

There are many lovely hotels and spas. You can request our spa booklet at info@gotohungary.com.

13. Does Budapest have a subway?

Yes, it is called the Metro. There are 3 lines; one of them is one of the oldest in Europe. You can expect fast, reliable service.

14. Do I need a reservation on the trains?

A seat reservation is needed on international trains and can be arranged at the time of purchase. No reservation needed on domestic train but you will have to choose if you want a 1st class or standard ticket.

15. Can you send me train schedules?

Train schedule is on the web: http://elvira.mavinformatika.hu/index2.htm. This takes you into the English version.

16. How can I check on my roots?

Check Routes to Your Roots program being offered this year or try www.familytree.hu.

17. Can we hire a private guide and chauffeur to take us to Romania?

Yes, the companies that offer sightseeing tours also offer private guides. The concierge at your hotel can assist too.

18. How do I find the telephone # of Hotel ABC?

There are many hotel sights on the internet. A few are www.hotelnet.co.uk/hungary/home.htm; www.budapesthotels.com; www.hotelstravel.com/hungary.html. You can also check our site for the major hotel chains.

19. Do the hotels have computer, internet hook-ups?

The five star hotels all have access. Many of the small hotels can also accommodate this technology, if not in your private room, then at their business center. It is always recommended that you check the individual hotel for any special service you might require. You can also try checking the search feature in the Accommodations section at www.budapestinfo.hu/en.

20. Will I have trouble with the language?

English is widely spoken in Budapest but not in the countryside.

21. I'm a vegetarian, will I have a problem with the food?

There are excellent vegetarian restaurants in Budapest but you should not limit yourself to these as most restaurants will accommodate food preferences.

22. Can you recommend a list of good restaurants?

Check www.budapestinfo.hu/en for a list of Budapest restaurants.

23. How can I get a schedule of concerts and operas? Where can I get tickets?

Two sites can be checked, www.budapestinfo.hu/en, www.interticket.com.

24. How much money should I take?

This of course depends on how long you will stay. We recommend that you use a credit card wherever possible. In the Useful Information section at www.budapestinfo.hu/en, you can find the prices of commonly consumed items. This will help you gauge. You will also find information on ATMs at that website.

25. Will they accept Traveler's checks?

Check Facts about Hungary on this website.

26. Is there a flea market in Budapest?

Yes, it is called the Esceri Second-Hand Market in the XIXth District on Nagykorosi ut 156, at the start of E5 motorway coming from the city, accessible by Bus 54 and a bus departing from the Central Market Hall.

27. Where can I buy Herend china?

There are many Herend shops all over the city. You can't miss them.

28. How can I visit the Herend factory?

Take the train to Herend. Tours are available. Check http://www.porcelanium.com/eng.

29. Are the museums open every day?

Most museums are open from 10am to 6 pm and are closed on Mondays.

30. What can I purchase in Hungary?

Paprika, tinned goose liver, leather goods, folklore items such as embroidered tablecloths and Richelieu doilies, Herend and Zsolnay porcelain, crystal, books, CD's of Hungarian music. Check www.budapestinfo.hu/en.

31. Are the stores open on weekends?

Saturdays only till 6 and some on Sundays for a half-day. New shopping centers open every day.

32. What do I dial to telephone Budapest?

Check Facts about Hungary on this site.

33. When is the best time to go?

Spring, summer or fall although summer can have some very hot days.

34. Where can I get a Budapest Card?

See What to do section on this site.

35. Are the trains on schedule?

Yes. The trains are very reliable.

36. Do you know what the weather is today in Hungary?

The www.budapestinfo.hu/en has a link to a daily weather website.

37. Having just returned from Budapest, I would like to know where to find where to find Hungarian specialties, like paprika, salami or goose- liver.

The Yorkville Packing House, 1560 Second Avenue (81st Street; 212-628-5147), the Magyar Marketing (PO Box 2363, Youngstown, OH 44509; 1-800-786-785) and Otto`s Hungarian Deli (2320. West Clark Av. Burbank, CA 91506; 818-845-0433) sell an array of Hungarian foods. They also have a mail-order service, and there are two Web sites for Hungarian specialties: members.aol.com/HungImprts/Ottos.htm or www.magyarmarketing.com

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