Hungarian Relaxing Spas

Budapest - Rudas BathWhether you just want to relax or you're looking for a gentle cure for a specific ailment, a spa with natural spring thermal water is a perfect vacation choice. 
With little exaggeration, you could say that all you need to do is push a Budapest - Széchényi Bathstick into the ground anywhere in Hungary and up would come thermal water, most likely with some kind of curative properties. The geological features of the Carpathian Basin are such that the earth's crust is very thin, so waters rise easily to the surface. Hungary is a land of more than 1,000 hot springs and enough spa facilities to accommodate 300,000 people at the same time! Budapest - Hotel Gellért Thermal BathThese spas are located in 22 cities and 62 smaller towns throughout the country - some are simple thermal baths serving the local community.
For visitors, a spa vacation in Hungary means the opportunity to experience a fascinating aspect of Central European social life, make contact with friendly people and relieve modern-day stress. Spa vacation packages, often at hotels with their own thermal baths, make this unique and typically Hungarian experience convenient and affordable.
Thermal waters from different springs varyBudapest - Rácz Bath in terms of the ailments they benefit. Upon request, an individualized therapy plan will be developed, including relaxation therapy, body massage and mud packs. Then passive or active exercise is introduced. Nutrition is discussed, a customized dietary plan can be requested. After just one week, you should notice positive results. For maximum results, a three-week stay is recommended.
Héviz is a particularly enchanting spa resort. Bathers can enjoy the naturally warm 85-90F water of its lake all year round, Hévízindoors or outdoors. While Budapest is the Spa Capital of the world, with more than 30 thermal springs, don't overlook spas such as Bük, Balf, Sárvár, Zalakaros and Gyula. 
Danubius Hotels, one of Europe's most respected hotel and spa resort chains, has six deluxe and superior first class spa hotels in Budapest alone.

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