Northwestern Hungary

Pannonhalma - AbbeyNorthwestern Hungary offers a rich variety of beautiful and fascinating attractions - quaint medieval towns and villages, Baroque and Renaissance palaces, fortresses perched on rocky crags, romantic castle ruins, healing spas, stunning churches, and protected natural landscapes of forests, lakes and wetlands.
One of many interesting towns in the region, Sopron - windows on the pastSopron sits close to the Austrian border and is a treasure trove of historic buildings. With foundations from Roman times, the 185 ft. high Fire Tower has become the symbol of the city. Also worth seeing are the numerous old churches, such as the Dominican and the Evangelic, a synagogue dating back to Gothic times, and former burgess houses, like the Storno or the Fabricius. Near Sopron, the castle in Fertőd, known as the Hungarian Versailles, is an outstanding example of Hungary's baroque architecture.
Fertőd - Eszterházy Castle (18th century) 
Győr is also near the border, on the way to Vienna, and is therefore often called the gateway to the West. This is a Baroque and neo-Classical town, with a magnificent cathedral, palaces, doorways framed in stone and elaborate wrought iron decorations.
The group of buildings forming the thousand-year old abbey in Pannonhalma is situated on a hilltop and commands a fine view of the surrounding countryside. The abbey was founded in 996 and consecrated in 1001 by the Fertőd - Eszterházy Castle (18th century)first Hungarian king, St. Stephen, who was later canonized. It houses one of Hungary's most valuable libraries and is on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.
Northern Transdanubia is famous for its folk art and craft traditions. Pápa is known for its dyers, especially those who specialized in blue dyeing. The needlecraft and embroidery of Hövely and porcelain of Herend have won awards at several World Fairs. One of Herend's most sought after patterns was named after Queen Victoria, whose favorite tea service was produced there. 
The region is rich in thermal springs. Come and enjoy the soothing effects of the baths in Balf, Sárvár and Bükfürdő.

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