The Great Hungarian Plain

Hortobágy - The Hungarian PlainBe sure to explore one of the most colorful regions of Hungary, the Great Hungarian Plain. Mirage of trees, shadoof wells, church spires, even entire villages may be seen in the shimmering hot air of the Puszta. The Hungarian Plain is also the cradle of folk customs and crafts. Painted gingerbread figures, embroidery, weaving and ceramics decorated in traditional red, green and white patterns are among the handicrafts you'll see in towns and villages where life is going on unchanged by the 20th century.
Shepherds in the PusztaComplementing the predominantly rural character of the Plain are museums, theaters, universities and churches in towns and cities, such as Szeged, Kecskemét and Debrecen. Known as "the Calvinist Rome", Debrecen is center of the country's Protestant religion. One of the area's most colorful annual events is Debrecen's Flower Carnival on St. Stephen's Day (August 20). 
Szeged - The CathedralIn Kecskemét, you won't want to miss several beautiful historical buildings, such as the fabulous Art Nouveau Cifrapalota "Fancy Palace", the former synagogue, the Old Church and Kodály Institute.
Known the world over for its paprika, Szeged hosts a summer Open-Air Festival with a magnificent brick cathedral for a backdrop. Sample some of the town's famous spicy fish soup (halászlé) seasoned - of course - with paprika! 
You can learn about the history and culture of the Magyar people at the National Historical Park in ţpusztaszer with its archeological excavations and spectacular cyclorama completed in 1899 by Árpád Feszty. This colossal panoramic painting depicts the arrival of the Hungarian settlers in the Carpathian Basin.
Hortobágy - The Hungarian PlainNatural wonders of the region include the beautiful Kiskunság and Hortobágy National Parks, the White Lake near Szeged - home to rare bird species - and the country's second largest lake, Lake Tisza. Between the Danube and Tisza rivers are Hungary's lush orchards. Along the Tisza, the soil is so fertile that the fruit grown there is the most delicious you'll taste anywhere in the country.
HortobágyThe Hungarian Plain is ideal for horseback riding, hot air ballooning, bicycling, horse-drawn carriage rides, rafting on the Tisza River, and other sporting activities.

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